Whether you are looking for Chris to spend an hour at one location; an entire day between several locations; or even an entire week within your school district, Chris is extremely flexible with a wide range of options that make him "easy" on both budgets and schedules.


During his presentations, Chris combines extreme bicycle stunts with anecdotes and real-life experiences that reach inside the hearts and minds of his audience. This personal connection allows him to deliver content that the audience can immediately use to improve themselves and their peers. Chris engages and motivates his audience to think about how to improve their own lives, treat others how they want to be treated, and create a ripple effect of respect and goodwill that will improve the whole community.



Get The Most From Your Teenage Years: A Formula For Extreme Success

Chris was a successful student-athlete who lived through the same difficulties your students face everyday. Chris keeps high school students engaged with his eye-popping stunts; simultaneously sharing his personal and engaging anecdotes that illustrate key points on a wide range of topics. This program creates and fosters an environment that improves attitudes, productivity, teamwork, and creative thinking in even the most difficult to reach teenager.

Key Points
• Making Good Choices
• Rising Above Negativity
• Standing Up For What's Right
• Social Media Checks & Balances
• Overcoming Adversity

"Hands-down, it was spectacular! He connected with our students.

His topics were poignant, and he kept the students and

the teachers engaged the entire time."
David Kimball, High School Assistant Principal, Wallingford, CT


Everyday Hero: The Guide To Being An Upstander

The foundation of this program is character education. It is the perfect presentation for schools using PBIS, Character Counts, OLWEUS, Bucket Fillers, and similar programs. Chris' approach is to guide and help students build character and end bullying from the inside out. Through stimulating and often amusing anecdotes and real life experiences from Chris' own life and that of his family as well, this interactive program motivates the students to instill a lifelong culture of kindness amongst themselves and in their community.

Key Points
• Pillars of Character Education
• Bullying & Cyberbullying
• Making & Keeping Friends
• Treating Others With Respect
• Overall Kindness

"I loved how Chris was able to mix it up and meet kids in terms they can understand. The kids loved him and have not stopped talking about him since he left!"
Matt Stroud, Elementary School Principal, Alexander, NY


Be A Champion: Character Traits That Lead To Success

This presentation is an outstanding way to either start the year, or rejuvenate students anytime. It challenges college students to excel academically and in life. Chris focuses on helping students improve their moral, intellectual, and social development as individuals; realizing that with hard work, courage, discipline and perseverance, they can accomplish anything that they set their sights on. 

This program is also excellent for college athletes. Chris became a world champion athlete while at the same time attending college. He understands that sports are a major focus in student-athletes' lives, and helps them to realize they have a tremendous opportunity to excel in every aspect of their own lives, as well as being positive role models to others.


Key Points
• Making Good Connections
• Critical Thinking Skills
• Turn Your Passion Into A Career
• Standing Up For What's Right
• Overcoming Adversity

"Thank-you for serving once again as an honored guest speaker. You effectively conveyed the concept of leaving nothing to chance, and the students got it! Bridging the gap between theory and practice is always more difficult for students and your comments facilitated lively discussion."
Greta Cohen, Event Coordinator, University of Rhode Island


The Bicycle Stunt Show

This is a complete 180-degree spin from Chris' speaking program. The Bicycle Stunt Show is all about family fun & entertainment. It can be used as the culmination of the day after Chris' speaking presentations or as a stand-alone event. Throughout the show, Chris demonstrates his breathtaking stunts with exceptional balance and agility, while simultaneously taking the audience through the fascinating journey of how he developed his skills and rose to the top of his sport. Although the show is strictly entertainment, Chris still shares many fascinating and funny moments from his career as a professional athlete. He will also give the audience a sneak peek at some of the new stunts he is currently learning. The show will conclude with Chris demonstrating his most difficult stunt. After the show, Chris will have a Meet & Greet with the audience where they can ask him questions, have a picture taken with Chris, get an autograph, and look at his bikes. It's an exciting event no one will want to miss!

Highlights Include
• Action Packed Family Fun
• Exciting Bicycle Stunts
• Audience Participation
• Pre-Show Autograph Session
• Meet & Greet With Chris

"Media reporting was unprecedented with television coverage from all three of the state's major stations as well as representation from the associated Press and Providence Journal. All this was due to your magical performance!"
Kathleen Pletcher, Event Coordinator, Providence Performing Arts Center

Walking The Tightrope: Finding Balance in the Chaos of Life

Life can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience. Between academics, sports, social activities, volunteering, work, and family obligations, it is easy to get bogged down in a chaotic scramble to cram more and more into less and less time; not realizing the emotional and physical toll it is taking until it is too late. Depression and anxiety are on the rise, while creativity, cognitive function, and overall health are on the decline. In this presentation, Chris will help the audience find balance, develop coping skills, and reduce stress in their lives, resulting in improved health, increased learning, enhanced creativity, better relationships, and greater overall happiness.

Key Points
• Finding Inner Balance
• Time Management
• Setting Realistic Goals
• Making Time To Have Fun
• Turn Your Passion Into A Career

"Chris made me realize that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. He makes me want to be more supportive of others around me."
Vanessa, College Student, Newbury College

Communication Skills: People Don't Read Minds

Effective communicators have more friends, do better in school, achieve higher levels of success, and are generally happier than their less articulate counterparts. This workshop covers the fundamentals of interpersonal communication. Participants will learn how to express themselves better by involving as many of their five senses as possible. By the conclusion of this workshop, participants should have a clear understanding of what good communication looks like and what they can do to continually improve their own abilities.

Achieving Goals: Reach Your Dreams The S.M.A.R.T. Way

Written goals can serve as a wonderful visual reminder of what it is that you are working to achieve. This workshop If you want to learn more about the relationship between the way goals are set and the steps that support their achievement, this workshop is for you. This workshop focuses on the steps involved in the goal-setting process and evaluating your progress toward achieving those goals by using the S.M.A.R.T (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Timetable) process. Attention will also be paid to the steps necessary to identify potential obstacles, and planning to overcome those obstacles. Participants will leave with the necessary tools to plan and lay down the foundation towards completing their goals.

Perseverance: Get Back Up And Try Again

Everyone faces obstacles and challenges in life. Helping people work through those challenges is the main goal of this workshop. Participants leave with a new understanding of how they can get back up and try again when they experience failure or disappointment.

Essentials Of Empathy: Walking In Someone Elses Shoes

Life's most essential skill is understanding and sharing the emotions of others. This workshop will teach participants to identify and appreciate the feelings of those around them using creative and interactive exercises designed to help them learn how to recognize and identify the experiences of others. Participants will also learn to truly immerse themselves in someone else's story in order to reach better decisions.

Sparking Up Conversation: Do Talk To Strangers

Most children are told, "Don't talk to strangers," but as those children age and mature, there is an emphasis on connecting with "strangers" through networking. In this workshop participants will learn the many purposes of networking, tips and tricks on how to network, and advice on putting networking methods to use.


As a cost-effective alternative to a live performance, you may want to invest in your students with an HD (high-definition) video performance that Chris will produce exclusively for them. Everyone will be glued to the screen as Chris takes your audience through a perspective-changing journey of reflection, laughter, and sometimes tears, as he encourages them to value and act on the precept of "treating others the way they want to be treated". This inspiring 30 minute video is not only entertaining, but will help to make a positive difference in the lives of your students.

From his opening line to his closing quote, Chris captivates his audience like nothing you have experienced before. Chris is a multifaceted speaker featured at schools, colleges, and conferences throughout the county. His energy and enthusiasm translate into a dynamic performance guaranteed to leave any audience spellbound.

Since 1988, audiences around the world have been riveted to Chris' words of wisdom and astonished by his athletic ability. Chris is truly in a league of his own, mesmerizing his audience with incredible bicycle stunts, while simultaneously engaging them on topics such as: bullying, cyberbullying, perseverance, self-discipline, respect, teamwork, mental health, and more.

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