Can’t afford an awesome school assembly with K-Rob?

Want an amazing educational opportunity at your school, but don't have funding?

Looking to reward your students with an awesome RAMP SHOW?


Here are some simple ideas & links to help point you in the right direction!







Block Booking/Cost Sharing:  Get the MOST for your money!  *BIGGEST COST SAVER

Share the cost with another school in your district and save. 

This refers to booking your school for the same day, or consecutive days, as another school in your district.

K-Rob Events is willing to discount their assembly programs if you do this and help you share the cost.  This option requires your calling another school in your district to see if they would like to have an assembly at their school as well.  Interested?  Call us for more details 401-289-0267 or email

Multiple Assemblies:  If you book more than one assembly during a day, the cost of each assembly goes down with the more you add!  We offer drastic discounts for multiple assemblies!

Last Minute and Early-Bird Booking: Try calling a performer 1-4 weeks before your desired date. If performers have not booked an assembly by that time, they might be willing to offer a discount so they can fill the empty date. Conversely, some performers may give you an "early bird" discount if you book far in advance of your event.

Flexible Timing:   Don't have a specific date in mind?  Let K-Rob Events suggest a date for you.  This allows a K-Rob Events to fill last-minute empty days and offer YOU a discount!

National List of Education & Arts Organizations:


         Americans for the Arts 

         Drop Out Prevention Network 

         Federal Grants Clearing House 

         Grantmakers in the Arts 

         U.S. Department of Education 

         National Art Education Association 

         National Assembly of Arts Agencies 


The National PTA also offers terrific fundraising ideas on how to obtain funding and additional resources to bring in Kevin's amazing school assembly!


         National PTA

         PTA Fundraising Marketplace




You can always contact us with questions! 401-289-0267

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