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Kevin comes from a hard-working, blue-collar family from East Providence, Rhode Island. After a slow start to his pro career, Kevin took his family’s work ethic to the vert ramp and now finds himself consistently on the podium as one of the most progressive and creative Vert and MegaRamp riders in BMX. Kevin defines perseverance. After eleven X Games appearances and three bronze medals, Kevin finally had his dream season in 2006 when he took home two gold medals from X Games 12. In the BMX Vert Best Trick competition Kevin made history when he became the first to land the fabled double flair (two back flips with a 180 degree twist). Two days later at X Games he took his second gold medal in the inaugural BMX Big Air event.

In 2007 Kevin added to his X Games medal collection a Bronze in BMX Vert and a Gold in BMX Big Air. He also took the honor of "Athlete of the Games”. On June 12, 2008 in Central Park, NYC, Kevin set a new BMX high air world record soaring 55’ above ground. The following Monday he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss the feat.

In May of 2010 Kevin announced the K-Rob Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in his hometown of East Providence, Rhode Island and surrounding communities. The purpose of the Foundation is to positively transform the lives of these children by getting them involved, and keeping them involved in athletics as a means to learn discipline, focus, teamwork and healthy living habits. The Foundation also focuses on strengthening the Rhode Island community by providing affordable, quality events that promote healthy living and positive relationships throughout the community. The K-Rob Foundation has given back over $70,000 in both cash and in-kind donations.  In June of 2016, the K-Rob Foundation completed the City of East Providence's very first free public skatepark.  A lifelong dream of Kevins, the Foundation reached it's goal of providing the city with a safe place to ride BMX, skate, and scooter. 

In 2011, Kevin missed X Games 17 due to a shoulder injury, but that did not slow him down one bit. He became a commentator and analyst for EPSN alongside Tony Hawk, Jeremy McGrath and Dennis McCoy. He also started a Target program at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, where he hosts several vert ramp contests throughout the summer. At the end of the season, he invites the winners back for the final Target Cup Challenge. During this year, Kevin also started K-Rob BMX School Assembly Programs, giving motivational speeches to schools and businesses all over the US. He found yet another true passion of his, helping others succeed in life by sharing his own life stories of success and failure. He delivers powerful messages that help others gain the confidence they need to overcome their personal struggles, life challenges, bullying and adversities. He now speaks to schools, business and military groups all over the country delivering his inspiring messages.  In addition to speaking at Elementary, Middle & High Schools, Kevin has been a keynote speaker at workshops and business events nationally including Cox Communications Year End Celebration, Target Yearly Corporate Meeting, American Express Business Seminar, Disney Cruise Lines, Red Bull Yearly Corporate Meeting, and even finding himself on the stage presenting at a TED talk conference.


Not only did Kevin begin motivational speaking, he also started his innovative protective apparel line Grindz. Grindz, by K-Rob are everyday fashionable looking pants that have 5 hidden protection points built into the knees, hips and tailbone area. Kevin and his wife Robin came up with this idea while trying to figure out the easiest way for their own children to wear pads while out on their bike. A lot of kids don’t think it’s cool to wear big bulky pads, so now they can just throw on their Grindz which give them the style they want, and the protection they need.  In April 2016, Grindz was issued a full patent by the USPTO.  Grindz has also partnered with Strider Bikes to create their first ever co-branded protective pant called Strider/Grindz Jr. made for the little shredders of the world. 


In 2012, Kevin was back for the X Games to compete in MegaRamp’s Big Air event. He took home a bronze medal showing his true perseverance coming back from his shoulder injury. In addition to competing, Kevin was a commentator for the X Games and made guest appearances on X Center and Good Day LA. 


From 2012-2015, Kevin has continued to evolve from a competitive BMX career to a businessman.  Kevin has continued to push himself on different stages from bikes to conferences to the business arena.  He has continued to host events and be the on-air commentator for X Games. 


Most recently, Kevin has smashed the Guinness World Record for longest power assisted bicycle backflip by jumping an incredible 84 feet from ramp to ramp.  The event aired live on ESPN and the feat ended up in the top 5 on SportsCenter.  Click here to watch the amazing backflip.

With all of his success in life, Kevin’s most important role is being a family man. He is a devoted husband to Robin, and a father of three. 

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