Action Sports Show
BMX, Skateboard & Scooter

*Great for all-school shows, Fairs & large corporate events

Bike Stunt Show
*This is a great add-on for any school assembly!

K-ROB BIKE STUNT SHOWS are a high-energy, action packed way to get any crowd's attention!  Aside from amazing bike stunts usually only seen on TV, the BIKE STUNT SHOW includes key messages delivered about bicycle safety, the power of perseverance, healthy living & anti-bullying.  Children and adults alike will be in awe of this crowd pleaser.  


Interested in having this show at your corporate event, school fundraising event or private birthday party?  K-Rob Bike Stunt Shows can perform at any function, indoors or outdoors!


Stunt Shows can include up to 4 professional athletes and prices do vary.  Please call to discuss. 401-289-0267



K-ROB ACTION SPORTS SHOW are similar to our Bike Stunt Show but adds a huge element of intensity by adding SKATEBOARDERS & SCOOTERS into the mix!  The ACTION SPORTS SHOW is pure entertainment, high energy, and includes huge tricks performed by a range of professional athletes.  


This Show is great for an all-school show, Fairs & Festivals, or corporate events.  K-ROB ACTION SPORTS SHOWS have even been seen performing at DISNEYLAND!  You will see lots of backflips, no handed tricks, and tons of high flying action.  This is a truly one of a kind experience!


Action Sports Shows can vary in location, price, and size.  Please call to discuss. 401-289-0267 

Awesome Bike Stunt Shows


"K-Rob BMX Stunt Shows are incredible entertainment that will leave any crowd SPEECHLESS!"

-Patricia M. Cox Communications 

*Performances locations and sizes range from

local schools on up to Disneyland! We have a stunt show for all budgets!

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