Program Length: 55 minutes

Description of Program: 


Kevin's tobacco education enrichment program will help your school deliver the necessary messages regarding tobacco dangers that face many of your students today including health consequences associated with tobacco use, second hand smoke, e-cigarette and vaping dangers, plus prevention of initial use. Actively discussing the ease of use and temptation surrounding your students, Kevin will compliment the programs you have in place to educate your students, while reminding them of the positive lifestyle choices they can make to help them on their path to success. 

In addition to discussing the importance of tobacco education and the associated dangers, Kevin will perform tricks and stunts on his BMX bike, bring a powerpoint presentation, use volunteers from the crowd, and show exciting video footage.  

Cost of program: $1000**

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**price of show may vary based on individual school circumstances and grant funding available.

Tobacco Education Program

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