Kevin Robinson has risen to the top of his game, whether it be breaking world records in front of crowds of thousands or commentating live broadcast events.  


World Record Teaser Video


This is a first look at the ramp that was built specially for KRob's jump attempt.

On June 12, 2008, he jumped 27 feet above the ramp, 54 feet total, to beat the 26'6" record set by Mat Hoffman in 1992.

History Making Double Flair


In 2006 K-Rob vowed not to leave the building until he landed the double flair and luckily for the crowd at the BMX Vert Best Trick at X Games, contest he did just that.

World Record Jump- 27 feet!


The BMX height record now stands at 27 feet.  

Kevin's longtime friend and previous record holder, Mat Hoffman, was on hand to confirm the jump's height and congratulate Kevin on his new, record-holder status.



World Record Teaser Video #2



Over 3 million people tuned in to this teaser video!

Camp Woodward Experience


K-Rob narrates a trip and experience at Woodward Action Sports Camp in central Pennsylvania for


K-Rob commentating Cam Zink live event


Hear K-Rob commentate while mountain biker, Cam Zink, breaks a world record long distance record.

School Assembly Video- 4 minutes


Watch 4 minutes of one of K-Rob's School Assemblies to get an idea of what he offers to students at schools around the country!

School Assembly Video


Keep your students attention by giving them a fun, educational assembly with the added excitement of a pro athlete doing tricks on his bike to keep your students constantly focused! During the presentation, BMX tricks and stunts are incorporated to help demonstrate specific topics. 

Instaviser Online Mentoring/Coaching Session


Instaviser is a great new online coaching tool.  You can book an Instaviser with K-Rob!

K-Rob unveils the new X Games corridor at ESPN


Kevin Robinson spends some time on the ESPN campus talking about X Games and what it means to him. ESPN unveiled a full corridor dedicated to X Games at their headquarters in Bristol, CT.

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